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Book Donation

So you want to donate books to DIBS?

Great! If you have some high-quality books burning a hole in your closet, we would love to take them off your hands!

Just make sure they follow these guidelines then contact us using the form at the bottom of the page. We’ll get in contact with you to start the donation process!

Donation Must-Haves

Elementary Age-Range

DIBS serves predominantly Kindergarten through 3rd Grade classrooms. It is vital that the content of every book we deliver is age-appropriate for these students.

Great Condition

We aim to deliver the best books we can to DIBS teachers and students. This means we cannot accept any books with significant marks, tears, or water damage. 

Small books for small hands

A majority of DIBS Students take their DIBS Books home each night in an 11″ x 14″ folder. If books cannot fit in the folder completely, they are not well-protected and will not last as long as we would like.


Books donated to DIBS will be distributed to students through our public schools, so books about specific religions, or religious holidays, cannot be added to our collection.


All donated books must have a barcode. If a book does not have a barcode, it cannot be recognized by our phone app and inputted into DIBS.

Examples of good book donations

Leveled Books

At DIBS, we use Fountas & Pinnell book levels to help students know which books they’ll be able to read on their own.

These levels are often found on the back of books. If not, you can search Scholastic’s Book Wizard or Google to see if the book has a level.

If a book doesn’t have a level, don’t worry. We are able to level books in-house.

Picture Books

Books with illustrations aren’t just for young readers! Even our oldest DIBS students prefer a picture book from time-to-time. 

We are looking for books with cool and colorful visuals and stories.

Beginner Chapter Books

Beginner chapter books help young readers develop reading stamina.

These books are not very long. They have large text and frequent pictures.

Ready to donate your books?