DIBS Ambassadors

The DIBS Ambassadors campaign is aimed at raising the funds needed to enhance DIBS' technology and to help us reach more schools. Here's how it works: 

Ambassadors Set a Goal
($4,000 minimum)

Ambassadors set a fundraising goal of $4,000+. These dollars will go toward enhancing DIBS' technology for our 1,000+ DIBS Kids, and  helping cover the subscription costs for up to five schools to implement DIBS.

Ambassadors Manage Fundraising Campaigns

Ambassadors work closely with the DIBS team to achieve their goal. They talk with their employer and other local businesses about sponsoring their campaign. They build excitement among family and friends for DIBS. Donations are made via the Ambassadors pages, below. 

DIBS is Forever Impacted

The funds raised will help us bring DIBS to more schools and enhance our technology for our existing schools. Through these campaigns Ambassadors will forever have a legacy of having helped further establish the DIBS program. 


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