July 18, 2018

Building Excitement Around DIBS

On this page you will find a few ways to incorporate DIBS into your classroom in a seamless way. Our hope in doing so is that students feel more motivated to participate in DIBS, where we hope they have a positive experience that leads them to be life long readers. 

A printable poster allows you to bring the excitement of the bead tracker right into your classroom! Use it in conjunction with your Teacher Report to track the amount of books you have read together as a class this year with DIBS!

This document outlines some activities that pair well with the DIBS program and allow you to bring it into everyday learning activities. Along with the basic idea, we suggest some steps of implementation but feel free to make them your own!

DIBS Journal Pages

Reading and writing go hand in hand.
These pages have different styles and focuses that we hope make journaling less of a chore and more of something students might be excited to do.