Celebrate National Reading Day, Go Beyond the Book

Today’s the day! It’s National Reading Day; a time to share your love of reading and to encourage this love in younger children.

And while we know we should be doing this everyday, it’s always good to have a reminder of the importance of reading, not only for the youth of America, but for the adults as well.

There are many ways that we can celebrate this day within our homes and schools, but what other reading-related activities can we do to acknowledge the power of a book, but also help serve our community?  Well that’s exactly what we asked ourselves and wanted to share with you.

Here are some of our best ideas:

     1. Hold an adult and/or kids book swap at work or in your neighborhood.

book swap

     2. Volunteer to assist adults with literacy skills at the Literacy Center.

literacy center

     3. Volunteer to read to those who are visually challenged with Radio Talking Book Services.


     4. Help your kid create their own book OR use a website like Storybird and ask them to read it to someone they care about.


     5. Donate books to your favorite organization, teacher or school. In case you don’t have one, here are a couple suggestions:

  • To Donate books to homeless children within our community check out Together Omaha.
  • To donate books to children in need of a book of their very own check out the Junior League of Omaha.

Giving the gift of reading

     6. Financially support a local non-profit that promotes literacy.

Visit our donation page at DIBS for Kids and help provide high interest, leveled books to students around the metro. You can also search for other local nonprofits to donate to by visiting Omaha Gives.


     7. Volunteer at your local Omaha Public Library.



Now that you’ve got 7 new ways to celebrate reading any time, get on out there and go beyond the book!




Hi there! My name is Marie Kovar. I am a former school psychologist and current school  support director at DIBS for Kids. I’m also a wife to a wonderfully kind man and a mother to 2 wildly awesome kids, a fluffy dog named Lambeau and roughly 9 chickens. I truly enjoy reading, writing, languages, the great outdoors, traveling with my family and food… and not necessarily in that order. 

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