Not a Book Drive, a DIBS Drive: Omaha Nonprofit Delivers Infinite Book Shelves to Area Schools

April 8, 2019

OMAHA, NE – Studies show school success starts with literacy proficiency from a young age, yet three out of five students growing up in poverty don’t have a single age-appropriate book in their homes. DIBS for Kids is changing the way schools deliver books into the hands of children who need them most.

On Wed., May 8, from 5 to 8 p.m., DIBS for Kids hosts their first DIBS Drive at Infusion Brewing Company in Benson. Attendees who visit DIBS for Kids at Infusion will experience an exclusive DIBS video premiere, silent auction, and happy hour prices throughout the event. All proceeds go directly toward empowering Omaha teachers to get students excited for in-home reading. DIBS for Kids is holding this event in conjunction with their Omaha Gives! Campaign, on May 22, with an ultimate goal to raise $10,000 through these two events. More information about the event can be found at

DIBS Student browses for the DIBS book she will read tonight.

This is not a book drive. The DIBS Drive is an innovative endeavor by DIBS for Kids to raise funds to support public school teachers to send home an average of 80 books per year with each of their students. This DIBS Drive fundraiser will help deliver little libraries to 5 new classrooms in the Omaha area. DIBS for Kids delivers infinite bookshelves, complete with books and inventory technology, to elementary classrooms. The program is exciting for students and easy on teachers.

DIBS for Kids currently serves 10 Omaha schools and has sent home over 350,000 books since 2011.

About DIBS for Kids:

Delivering Infinite Book Shelves (DIBS) for Kids is a literacy nonprofit that helps teachers address the fact that too many kids leave school every day without a book to read at home. DIBS supports schools to address this problem in two ways: (1) helping to fundraise for little classroom-based libraries filled with leveled take-home books, and (2) developing a QR-code based inventory technology that is fun for students and easy for teachers. DIBS is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska with school pilots in Kansas City, MO and Kentwood, MI.  For more information about DIBS for Kids and our mission give us a call 402-979-6122 or visit our website at


Contact: Reina Cloyd, Communications Specialist

DIBS for Kids, AmeriCorps VISTA

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