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DIBS For Kids

4 days 22 hours ago

All it takes it one tiny seed. 🌱 Through a Facebook fundraiser, Megan Ellwanger of Revive Total Health raised just over $600 for DIBS schools and students! Thank you so much to her for taking the time to help support our mission, and for reminding us that small acts can reap large returns for our community. #ThankfulThursday

DIBS For Kids

5 days 22 hours ago

Our office experienced something so sweet today when our business neighbors Maven Social went out of their way to gift us with some sugary V-Day treats (delicious cookies!). We wanted to spread the love by sharing just how much each and every one of you makes a difference for DIBS and for the families and educators we serve.

Happy Valentine's Day, and thanks Maven team! <3

DIBS For Kids

1 week 1 day ago

All you need is love.....and books! <3

DIBS For Kids

1 week 6 days ago

Feeling lots of love from this student at Conestoga 😍 #lovetoread #omahareads #literacy