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DIBS For Kids

1 hour 55 minutes ago

Why is DIBS team member Emilee Armbruster putting together a bookshelf, you ask? Well, in case you didn't know, SEVEN new team members will be joining us next week and we've got some serious building and putting-together of shelves, desks and chairs to do! Check out the highlighted notes on the map to see where our new DIBS family is coming from to spend this next school year in Omaha.

DIBS For Kids

4 days 6 hours ago

This year was the first that DIBS served 3rd grade classrooms and we'll be expanding to even more next school year. 🎉 Thank you to the donors who helped bring these books to Fontenelle! #teacherstories #omahareads #3rdgrade #kidsreading #literacy

DIBS For Kids

6 days 4 hours ago

As we enter Summer Slide season, when students tend to lose some of what they learned this past school year, join us in taking moment to reflect on this "oldie but a goodie" blog post about book availability and recognizing that just because there are books around doesn't mean they are being utilized by the students who may need them the most.

To learn more about the summer slide, what you can do to help or activities to help your kiddos stay sharp this summer, check out resources from the Omaha Public Library and their Summer Reading Program, Do Space and their Summer Passport Program, Pizza Hut's Book It! program, the summer reading program at Barnes & Noble and many, many more which can be found with a simple Google search!

DIBS For Kids

1 week 5 days ago

Omaha students have officially picked out and taken home over 250,000 books since the program started in just one classroom in 2012! Much thanks is due to our summer school classroom pilots where educators and students are keeping the love for reading alive throughout the entire year.