DIBS Financials

Financial Transparency

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit we are committed to providing a transparent view into our financials. Please follow this Dropbox link to review past 990-N tax documents and our 501(c)(3) documents. DIBS' bookkeeping is managed externally by Bland & Associates in Omaha, Nebraska. Further financial information can be made available upon request via the contact form on our homepage.

Looking Ahead: Funding Needs

After years with a very small organizational budget (Roughly $5,000 in 2014, $25,000 in 2015, and $32,000 in 2016) we are about to embark on larger-scale fundraising efforts to help reach more students and teachers. As we take on this transition – especially for those considering supporting DIBS – we wanted to share a few key principles that we will always live by as a nonprofit and as a steward of your dollars:

1. Remaining “Lean” – and Always Transparent – With Our Administrative Costs: From 2011-2016 DIBS didn't have any paid/full-time staff members so the administrative costs behind the program were nominal. This “lean” approach is a point of pride for us – but it is also not necessarily scalable. If we are going to grow from serving 5 schools to serving 44 (our vision as an organization), our administrative costs are naturally going to rise. To help ensure your dollars impact DIBS in the way you want them to, please know that all donations to DIBS can be restricted based on your preferences.

2. Seeking Administrative Funders to Help Your Dollars Go Further: Through June 30th of 2018 all administrative costs behind DIBS have been covered thanks to the generosity of our foundation supporters – meaning 100% of donations prior to June 2018 will go toward either the program materials (i.e. books) or the technology required to help scale this program.

3. Focusing Administrative Support on Areas of Greatest Impact: Since 2014 DIBS has distributed over 150,000 books into our school communities. Every dollar donated to program materials leads to three books being taken home by our students, and every $19 contribution provides unlimited books to a student for a full school year. That said, getting books distributed is only part of our mission, and we are not yet achieving the impact we want to have as an organization. We need to make administrative investments in order to increase our impact. Here are the three administrative areas where we will be investing most heavily as we grow:

>Broadening DIBS’ Reach: Our vision as an organization is to grow to bring unlimited in-home reading opportunities to all 44 Omaha elementary schools with a poverty rate over 70% within the next 5-10 years. We will invest in additional staff and technology required to reach more schools as we grow.  

>Deepening DIBS’ impact: About 33% of our students don’t opt-in to DIBS. They have access to unlimited books in their classroom, yet they opt-out of taking them home. We will invest in staff and technology required to make in-home reading more fun and exciting for all of our students – but especially for this subset of DIBS Kids.

>Sustaining DIBS’ Impact: In order to sustain DIBS as a social cause at a 44 school scale we anticipate a recurring annual budget of $450,000 - $800,000. To support these sustained costs, we are actively working to diversify our funding base.

Reach us to learn more about DIBS and how your critical donations can help drive our Mission ahead.