Delivering Infinite Book Shelves (DIBS) for Kids


One of the key resources we provide to teachers is the ability to fundraise for their DIBS classroom. On this page, you’ll see all current DIBS fundraisers!

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  1. Deliver Infinite Book Shelves

    Help DIBS deliver infinite book shelves to schools in your community. Every dollar helps DIBS deliver books into the hands of children who need them most and educators who want DIBS the most!
    $6,396.91 donated of $100,000.00 goal

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  2. Strengthen DIBS Technology

    It’s how we help teachers Deliver Infinite Book Shelves! Support the backbone of the DIBS program!
    $19,000.00 donated of $40,000.00 goal

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  3. Adopt a School

    Help bring DIBS to more Omaha Public Schools!
    $39,000.00 donated of $30,000.00 goal

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  4. Adopt a Classroom

    Every $1,985 supports a single classroom to adopt the DIBS program!
    $6,850.01 donated of $29,775.00 goal

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  5. Support a Student

    For just $40 (or $3.50 per month), you can give DIBS to one student!
    $60.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal

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Contact us to see how you can help support individual teachers who may not be on this list.

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