July 31, 2018

Launching DIBS in Your Classroom

Getting DIBS up and running in your classrooms may seem to be a little daunting of a task. The resources on this page are meant to help guide you through the process so everyone (from the students, to you, to the DIBS team) is all on the same page.

Intro to DIBS Video

DIBS alumni, Kylie, introduces the DIBS program in a student friendly way that is great for launching the program in your classroom. You can also use this video throughout the year if you think your class needs a refresher in DIBS procedures.

Through research and classroom observations, our team devised this one-page document to explain everyone's role in DIBS. These aspects will ensure your students have a positive and engaging experience around reading and with DIBS. 

This document helps you to support our youngest DIBS students in their routine so it becomes a point of independence for them in the classroom. The three month transition process gradually introduces various parts of the DIBS routine to students so they can become true masters.

Welcome Letters are sent home to families on the first day of the DIBS Program for the year and with students who may join your classroom throughout the school year. It informs families as to what DIBS is and how they can get involved with the program in their homes.