October 4, 2017

Our Team

Meet our Staff below, our Board of Directors here, and our Advisory Board here.

You can view full staff bios here.

David Orrick

Founder, Executive Director
David is an Omaha-native and a former 1st grade Teach For America teacher. He is adamant that schools must rethink the way they support teachers and designed DIBS to serve as a model for the support they need.

Marie Kovar

School Support Director
A former School Psychologist and a current DIBS parent Marie has helped lead the DIBS program since 2015. She supports our schools to ensure they have what they need to be successful.

Chantelle (Shauny) DesJardins

VISTA Leader & Program Improvement Associate
Shauny joined the DIBS team in March 2018 as a member of our AmeriCorps VISTA team. As a VISTA leader, she works with all members of the team, with a focus on program improvement.

Emilee Armbruster

Program Improvement Associate
Emilee joined the DIBS team in July of 2017 as a member of our Americorps VISTA team. Emilee is from Cleveland, Ohio and received a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Frank Festa

Program Improvement Associate
Frank joined the DIBS team in June 2017 as a member of our AmeriCorps VISTA team. Frank is from Chesterfield, New Jersey and earned a B.A. in Marketing from The College of New Jersey.

Kylie Gumpert

AmeriCorps VISTA – Growth Associate
Kylie is in her 2nd year as a member of our AmeriCorps VISTA team. Kylie is an Omaha-native, and has a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications from Arizona State University.

Brooke Westphalen

Sustainability Associate
Brooke joined DIBS in June 2017 moving from Iowa to help support DIBS’ work in Omaha. Brooke has a bachelor’s degree in religion from Simpson College.

Meliaa Jones

School Support – Minne Lusa Elementary
Meliaa joined the DIBS team in 2017 and supports the 11 DIBS classrooms and 215 DIBS Kids at Minne Lusa.

Jessica Melancon

School Support – Adams Elementary
Jessica joined the DIBS team in 2015 helping launch DIBS at Adams Elementary. She now supports the school’s 8 DIBS classrooms and 175 DIBS Kids.