Principals, when your students return home from school, reading for fun isn’t likely the first thing they do. They have a wide variety of technology at their fingertips and many times they choose this over a book. 

So what’s a principal to do?

DIBS for Kids’ technology helps elementary school principals Deliver Infinite Book Shelves in a way that gets students excited to read every night.

Watch our video below or browse this page to find out how you can deliver infinite book shelves to your school!

What principals get with DIBS

Great Books

DIBS helps principals deliver over 200 new books to each classroom that opts to participate in our program! These are what we like to call home-run books: books that are high-interest and make kids want to read them. Our goal is to help put students on-track toward achieving third grade reading proficiency.

Funding Options

We believe every student should have a great book to read every night, regardless of family income. DIBS also believes schools should be able to provide these books for students every night, regardless of budget. We have options for you. See the pricing breakdown below.

Inventory Technology

Half the battle of sending books home with students is having a way to keep track of them. DIBS’ web-based software automatically tracks which books are going home with students. Your teachers never have to worry about a lost book again.

A Partner in Literacy Improvement

DIBS for Kids offers comprehensive teacher training, on-demand customer support, and professional development packages to ensure a seamless, effective launch of the DIBS program in each classroom.

Are you Ready to Deliver Infinite Book Shelves?

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    Basic DIBS Package

    All schools who want DIBS start with a basic DIBS package. These materials will get you started with DIBS and sustain the program for three years with no hidden costs.

    1-3 Classrooms

    $1985 per class

    Each class receives:

    250 books

    6 library bins

    30 book folders

    DIBS Teacher Shirt

    Teacher Training

    Teacher Support

    Technology subscription

    4+ Classrooms

    $1785 per class

    Each class receives:

    200* books

    6 library bins

    30 book folders

    DIBS Teacher Shirt

    Teacher Training

    Teacher Support

    Technology subscription

    Whole School

    Get in touch with DIBS.

    (402) 979-6122

    * With more classrooms, we are able to reduce the cost per class by lowering the number of books each teacher receives. This may seem counterintuitive, but the “Infinite” in our name refers to how teachers trade books throughout the school year. This way, each class gets to experience a new set of books three or more times each year!

    DIBS Add-ons

    There are many more aspects to DIBS that enhance the program, but are not necessary for your school to get started with the program. Here are some add-ons to consider as you customize DIBS for your school!

    Because DIBS’ main goal is helping students achieve third grade reading proficiency, our basic package is designed with young elementary students in mind. That being said, we have seen DIBS succeed in middle school classrooms as well.

    The 4th-8th Grade package includes more upper level books, longer chapter books, and books with content more suited to middle school students than elementary students. 

    Price: varies based on types of books selected. Please reach out for details.

    The Basic DIBS Package includes 200 – 250 books per classroom, but if you want to add more to your classroom, you can purchase our Bonus Books package. This allows for more customization in each book set. These sets can be tailored to student, teacher, or school interest. 

    Price: $4.05/book

    Whether you have a Spanish dual-language school, a large population that speaks Spanish, or just an interest in exposing students to another language, we can help build a Spanish DIBS package for your classrooms.

    Price: Bilingual books do tend to cost more than English books, but prices vary by book length and level.

    If you are interested in a Spanish DIBS package, contact us and we will help you build a set that fits your school and your budget.

    Our Basic DIBS Package contains 30 folders per class. In most schools, this is only enough for our year. If you would like DIBS to provide folders after your first year of the program, the Additional Folders package is great. You can also choose which colors you like best!

    Price: $1.75/folder

    If your teachers are active on social media or a parent-communication app, DIBS can create on-demand graphics for teachers. They just email us a photo and we add our beloved mascot, Dewey DIBS!

    Fun for teachers and engaging for students, the #photobombed package helps build a classroom culture that fosters a love for the DIBS program and reading in general.

    Price: $5/classroom/year

    If you want to try DIBS in just one classroom, we recommend purchasing our Trade Book Set. This helps ensure we can provide as many new books as possible for your students.

    A Trade Book Set works like this. Your pilot teacher will have a brand new DIBS book set to swap with their set halfway through the school year. This introduces students to new titles at a fraction of the cost of adding a second classroom.

    Then, if you decide you want to add another classroom to DIBS in the future, they can use the extra book set!

    Price: $1,300 for books and bins

    To Be Announced

    If your school already has a lot of high-quality books, but doesn’t have a great way to distribute them, DIBS can send you extra QR-code labels to attach to your books. 

    This way, any existing books can become take-home books! We just ask that you be critical about their quality and content. We have found that high-interest books are a key part of getting students excited to participate in DIBS.

    Price: Please contact us for pricing details.

    Make Trade Days a breeze with DIBS Book Carts! These carts are built to hold our bins and the wheels make it super easy for teachers to trade book sets with each other.

    Price: $150

    Renewing DIBS

    After having the DIBS program for three years, principals have the option to renew with DIBS. We offer renewals in one or three-year packages. 

    Your renewal price includes:

    • 75 books per class per year
    • Continued teacher support + training for any new teachers
    • DIBS technology subscription 

    1 year renewal – $400 per class

    3 year renewal – $350 per class per year