🏆Winner of the National Book Foundation's 2020 Innovations in Reading Prize🏆

Reach Out to Learn More About DIBS

DIBS for Kids is a 501(c)(3) literacy nonprofit headquartered in Omaha, NE that helps teachers and school communities address three barriers that often prevent them from sending books home with students, every school night:

  • Resource Limitations: We help teachers and schools fundraise to fill their classrooms with great, take-home books.
  • Distribution Challenges: We offer a QR-code based software that can operate on any classroom device (computer or iPad) and that puts students in charge of checking their books in and out each day. DIBS’s technology is fun for students, and hands-off for teachers: the perfect combination for our elementary classrooms!
  • Teacher Time Constraints: 87% of DIBS teachers find the program to be easy to implement in their classroom. The “magic” behind DIBS and this impressive statistic is the wraparound support we provide to each school and each teacher that helps ensure they are capable of implementing DIBS without any hangups.

While our immediate focus remains on our local community, we are poised for regional and national expansion in the near future.

If you’d like to explore how DIBS might help your school or district help ensure that every child has a great book to read, every school night, drop us a line and we’ll schedule a call to see if it’s a fit!

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