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Teachers Talk

Sometimes, it can be difficult to get students excited about reading.

Here, some of our amazing DIBS Teachers share their tips for success!

The Question

What do you do to make DIBS successful in your classroom?

The Answers

I’ve noticed in my classroom that making it a part of the daily routine is important. My students know the exact time they will be checking out books which creates that habit for them. I feel that if you don’t have that exact time planned for checking out books the day can get away from you and the check out process is not smooth or does not even exist. A couple other things I’ve noticed in my classroom is how pictures or objects really help the kiddos. The kiddos know to put their checked out books in a basket with the DIBS logo on it and they look for their name on a clothespin. Another thing I find helpful is making sure the set up is appropriate for the kiddo’s age. I think having mine set up in a straight line is easy to understand. So check in computer then book boxes then check out computer. Both computers are separate from each other. One last thing! I’m a big believer in having the teacher dashboard up on my computer. It just helps me keep the kiddos accountable for checking out books and me accountable for reminding them if they forgot it in their locker. Hope this helps!
Ms. Sidzyik, 1st Grade Teacher
86% - 2018-2019
I'd love to answer! As students get older and academics become more difficult, it is easy to lose readers. Working with 5th graders I knew getting them to buy in was going to be challenging, and I had to get creative. Fortunately, DIBS made it easy. The Facebook posts have been by far our favorite part. The students love to see our classroom and our school represented. The class also enjoyed decorating their very own book bag. The idea of checking in and out with QR codes definitely added a level of excitement too. At this point in the school year, we haven't set up any specific book shout out routines, but we have been tracking each 100 books we take home. When we reach 1,000, we will vote on a celebration. In addition, I plan to have a Wall of Readers to acknowledge students that have read 500 minutes, 1,000 minutes, and so on. I have also noticed that when their homework correlates with their DIBS book, they think I am giving them "easy" homework. (A fifth graders dream!) I can't wait to see the level of engagement when we begin book reports to share with their peers on Google Classroom.
Ms. Seymour, 5th Grade Teacher
98% - 2018-2019
My students basically run the program on their own. They come in first thing check in and out very quickly before breakfast. I keep all the books on lower shelves and the computer is right there for easy access. I have a student in charge of getting book buckets out and putting them away. Ms Roy is wonderful at fixing any technology problems that come up.
Ms. Pensick, 2nd Grade Teacher
86% - 2018-2019
Our kids really have been doing a really good job with their books!! We started with just them checking them in on their own and Mrs. Mitchell would call them over during morning meeting to help with check out. Then the last two days last week they did both on their own. They do it right away in the morning when they come in the put their green folder away, breakfast at their table, then check in their book at the first two computers then check out at the next two computers. We also pick random students through out the day and read their books either aloud or one on one. We were surprised how easy it was for the kids to catch on!
Ms. Benes, Kindergarten Teacher
83% - 2018-2019
So I have been adding the DIBS book on the homework sheet and it’s been part of my morning message. I also give the students the opportunity to share one of their DIBS books that they really love once they are finished with breakfast and they are following the expectations for breakfast. They love being able to sit in my rocking chair and use the Elmo to read their book to the class. It has been a really good motivator for them to be reading their books at night so that they are able to read it to the class. Then the students are eager to select books that have been read. So far I guess that’s why they really love it. Hope this helps.
Ms. Aune, 1st Grade Teacher
83% - 2018-2019
There's a few things. First, teachers have to be invested and realize the importance. My students know they are expected to check in, check out and read their books daily. I also convey this to parents. In my weekly class newsletter, I remind parents of the importance of their child reading their DIBS books every night. Second, organization. I have 2 students who help with check in and check out. They don't scan the books for the other students but they are there to help.I set up the computers before the students arrive. (My biggest problem is our computers are old and I have the same few students who are tardy......I wish I had an answer to solve these problems) I hope this helps a bit.
Ms. Koltas, 2nd Grade Teacher
88% - 2018-2019
I really try to push the independence with DIBS. They check in and out their own books and I think this helps with accountability. They are asked to fill out their own planner with the book title and min. read. It was hard this year. I had a lot of parents filling it out. I told the students it was their responsibility. After check in and out in the morning, I see who did not check out for the day and call those students. Sorry harder than I thought to explain. Hope it was sort of helpful!
Ms. Ackerman, 2nd Grade Teacher
92% - 2018-2019
At the beginning of the year I show the video to remind students that have previously participated in Dibs or those who have never participated in Dibs before the procedures of checking in and out books. I establish a routine in my classroom to where students are supposed to come into the classroom and first check in and out a book, then they are to go about their daily bell work and morning procedures. As the teacher I try to remember to use the absent feature and I check the computer daily to see who checked in and out. Sometimes I randomly ask to see their papers to remind them to get signatures from a parent or older sibling. I hope this info helps! I am trying so hard to utilize that absent button this year!!!
Ms. Andreas, 1st Grade Teacher
92% - 2018-2019

Other Tips and Suggestions

Put clothespins with your students names on the back of your DIBS bins and move them when they reach a new level! That way you don't need to look up their reading levels each time they ask!
Ms. Sidzyik
1st Grade Teacher

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