Teachers, we know you will do whatever it takes to help your students succeed. But sending your own books home with elementary-aged children can be scary, and you just don’t have time to develop a system to keep track of books.

DIBS exists so you can send books home with students without worrying about them being lost, torn, or attacked by syrup.  But how does DIBS work?

DIBS gives you three things that will make sending books home with students feel like second nature!

Fundraising Tools

No more paying for your books to go home and never be seen again!

DIBS provides teachers with email templates, social media shoutouts, and a crowdfunding page to raise funds to secure high-interest, leveled books for your classroom!

Inventory system

Pen and paper? Spreadsheets? Digital lists? No worries!

Our web-based inventory system is student-led and automatically tracks which books are going home, which books have been brought back, and even breaks down student reading habits – with very little work on your part!

Classroom Culture

What good are books if your students don’t want to read them?

A huge part of the success of DIBS involves the culture around reading in the classroom. We have tons of suggestions for activities, posters, and conversations to get your students excited about reading!

What does DIBS look like?

Teacher Resources

Launch DIBS

Support a strong start in your classroom: Introduction video, DIBS Procedures, and more…

Sustain DIBS

Monitor student progress and maintain early-year momentum: Reading Logs, Tech Guides, and more…

Get Kids Excited

Promote positive and engaging reading experiences to nourish a love of reading: Classroom Bead Tracker, Journal pages, and more…

Need more information?

Contact us! Or check out some DIBS Stories from teachers and students!

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