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When your students return home from school, reading for fun isn’t likely the first thing they do. They have a wide variety of technology at their fingertips and many times this is what gets their undivided attention. 

So what’s a principal to do?

DIBS for Kids’ technology helps elementary school principals bring back the book in a way that gets students excited to read every night.

Watch our video below or browse the steps to our process to find out how you can bring back the book in your school!

Bring Back the Book in 4 easy steps

1. Unlock your Take-Home Books

With our DIBS software, many of your current books can easily become take-home books!

Simply log your current books into our system (or recruit volunteers to do it) and we will send you the labels that turn each classroom’s collection into a little library.

2. Design Student-Led Routines

One of the best things schools can do to get students excited for reading is to let them choose the books they read.

Our software is kid-friendly. Teachers establish a morning DIBS routine with their class. After a few days of training, students will need very little help checking in and out books they really want to read!

3. Level your books

By separating books by levels, students will know exactly which books will be too hard or too easy to read. We want them to choose books that are just right for their reading level. 

This empowers students to choose the books they will be able to read and enjoy by themselves or with others.

4. Target Home-run books

The final key factor of DIBS is “home-run books.” High-interest books keep students wanting more.

Our software tracks which books are more popular in each classroom. We offer teachers the opportunity to contact us with student requests for titles, genres, or topics to further increase student excitement for reading.

Are you ready to bring back the book in your school?

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