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DIBS Delivers The Power of the Library

to the Convenience of the Classroom

DIBS for Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to supporting teachers to send more books home with their students and, in turn, make significant literacy gains in the classroom.

61% of students growing up in poverty do not have a single age-appropriate book in their homes.

Mission and Vision

We are on a mission to ensure every child is supported to read a book at home, every night, for fun!

The Problem

After 3rd grade, the classroom dynamic shifts from

"Learning to Read"


"Reading to Learn."

Students who aren't reading proficiently by 3rd grade are 4x more likely to dropout of high school.

Our Solution

How we tackle the three largest barriers to reading kids face today:


We fundraise to equip elementary schools with infinite - yes infinite! - books for students to take home every night.


Students choose and check out these books using kid-friendly, QR-code scanning technology that keeps track of inventory and student reading habits.


We use the data gathered to determine which students are not participating regularly. We then re-engage those students to find out how we can get them reading again.

How do we do it?

Home-Run Books:

The key to getting students excited about reading is providing them with high-interest books they want to read. We deliver books kids LOVE to classrooms.

Nightly Reading:

We believe reading is as crucial as brushing your teeth. Our system allows each student to check out a new book every night.

Student Independence:

All books are pre-leveled, so students can choose books they’ll be able to read on their own.

The DIBS Waterfall

Student Level

When kids have more opportunities to read outside of school:

Student independence increases

Comprehension skills advance

Reading proficiency improves

Excitement for reading increases

School Level

When the majority of students are reading on grade-level:

Entire classrooms are ready to learn

Teachers can be more effective

Programs across a school can be implemented more meaningfully

District Level

When schools are more impactful:

Students are prepared for the future and for higher education

Students are more likely to pursue their interests

More students graduate high school

City Level

When districts are more effective:

Students are more likely to find well-paying jobs they’re passionate about

Students are more likely to be civically engaged in their community

Our Vision

support entire districts to prove

More In-Home Reading


dramatic literacy gains

David Orrick

Founder & Executive Director

David is an Omaha-native and a former 1st grade teacher. He is adamant that schools must rethink the way they support teachers. He designed DIBS to serve as a model for the support they need.

Read David’s full bio here >

Marie Kovar

School Support Director

As a former School Psychologist and DIBS parent, Marie has been involved with the DIBS program since 2015. She supports our schools to ensure they have what they need to be successful.

Read Marie’s full bio here >

The AmeriCorps VISTA Team

DIBS would not be where we are today without the help of our wonderful AmeriCorps Volunteers in Service to America. These VISTA members commit a year of their lives to serve DIBS. They help us support schools and expand our program!

Meet our 2018-2019 VISTA team!

Rachel Robole

Program Improvement Associate

Rachel joined the DIBS team in June of 2018 as a member of our AmeriCorps VISTA team. As a Program Improvement Associate, Rachel helps identify areas of the current DIBS Program that can be strengthened for our parents and families.

Nicole Moorman

Program Improvement Associate
Nicole is from Maria Stein, Ohio and received an associates degree in radiologic sciences from Kettering College. She has traveled and volunteered in various places around the world and is excited to dedicate time serving the Omaha community.

Claire Wiley

Program Improvement Associate

Claire joined the DIBS team as Program Improvement Associate in June 2018 as a member of our AmeriCorps VISTA team. She believes that every child has the right to an excellent education, and is excited to help support schools and students with DIBS.

Chris Boehm

Resource Development - National

Chris joined the DIBS team June 2018 as an AmeriCorps VISTA member. As the National Resource Developer, he works on DIBS’ expansion and implementation strategies as we serve more students across the United States.

Laura Peckyno

Organizational Capacity Associate

Laura joined DIBS for Kids in June 2018. As the Organizational Capacity Associate in our AmeriCorps VISTA team, she supports the program’s volunteers, leads fundraising events, and focuses on capacity building.

Liz Florez

Resource Development - Local

Liz joined the DIBS team in June 2018 as a member of the AmeriCorps Vista team. As a Resource Development Associate Liz helps secure grants for new projects to help DIBS expand, reach new students, and analyze our effectiveness.

Reina Cloyd

Marketing Associate

Reina joined the DIBS team in June of 2018 as a member of our AmeriCorps VISTA team. As a Marketing Associate, Reina is helps DIBS share our story through digital and physical media, brings Dewey DIBS to life, and develops community partnerships with other creative professionals.

Board of Directors

Mike McDevitt

Board Chair

Scott Brown

Board Vice Chair

Ashley Kuhn

Board Secretary

Carolyn Walz

Board Treasurer

Linda Galindo

Board Member

David Oliver

Board Member

Cy Wakeman

Board Member

Danita Webb

Board Member

David Orrick

Board Member

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