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Financial Transparency

When it comes to our finances, we’re an open book!

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in the State of Nebraska, we commit to providing a transparent view into our financials. Our past 990-N tax documents are available via this Dropbox link

DIBS partners with Cloud Tree Accounting, an external CPA, to manage our bookkeeping and we conduct regular external audits of our financials. 

If you want to know more, financial information may be made available upon request via the contact form below.

How will my Dollars support DIBS' Mission?

After years with a very small organizational budget, we are embarking on larger-scale fundraising efforts to reach more students and teachers. As we take on this transition – and especially for those considering supporting DIBS – we want to share our key principles as a nonprofit and steward of your dollars:

DIBS Budget Historically

  • 2013:     <$5,000
  • 2014:     $10,000
  • 2015:     $30,000
  • 2016:     $32,000
  • 2017:     $142,000
  • 2018:     $350,000

Can I specify how my money is spent?

To ensure your dollars impact DIBS in the way you want them to, we allow all donations to DIBS to be restricted based on your preferences. Requests for specific allocation of your dollars must be emailed to within a two week period of completing your donation. If you don’t specify your preferred use of funds, your dollars will be put toward our most pressing needs as an organization (detailed below).

What Program support does DIBS need?

DIBS offers many ways for donors to engage with the schools and classrooms we support. Depending on your scale of donation, this might include Sponsoring-A-Student (~$40 per student), Adopting-A-Classroom ($1,000 per classroom), or Adopting-A-School (~$15,000 per school).

If you prefer to fund our program costs, please specify this within two weeks of making your donation.

What Administrative support does DIBS need?

We spent some time as a very “lean” nonprofit; DIBS had no paid staff from 2011 to 2017! Now, as we embark on key initiatives to achieve our ambitious goals as an organization, we need skilled individuals with unique expertise to join our team. We must also turn our attention to much-needed technology enhancements.

Here are the three administrative areas where we will be investing most heavily as we grow:

More Staff to Reach More Schools

Our Vision as an organization is to bring infinite in-home reading opportunities to all 46 Omaha elementary schools with a poverty rate over 70%. We believe we can achieve this Vision within the next 5-10 years, but we need to invest in additional staff to do so. Currently, our staff is funded through a combination of foundation funding (two full-time staff members) and government funding (seven full-time AmeriCorps VISTA Members). By August of 2020 we anticipate adding 3-5 more staff members to achieve our Vision.

Unmet funding needs for staffing: $150,000 Annually.

Stronger Technology to Scale and Deepen DIBS’ Impact

To achieve our Vision, we also need to invest in our technology. Within the high-poverty schools we serve, about 33% of students choose not to participate in DIBS. Their teachers have given them access to unlimited books in their classroom, but they still don’t want to take them home. Our next round of investments in our software technology will make in-home reading more fun and exciting for all our students – but especially for these DIBS Kids.

Our software is the most critical resource we have to accomplish this as we grow from our 100 classrooms to over 150 in the next two years. 

Unmet funding needs for technology: $40,000 Annually

Other Critical Supports for DIBS

As we scale, unrestricted donations to DIBS will be deployed to a wide-range of organizational priorities. Current projects include:

  1. Evaluating the program’s impact as a literacy intervention through an external agency
  2. Externally auditing our financial practices to ensure compliance and to show donors where their dollars are being used
  3. Sharing our story through a partnership with a third-party marketing agency

Unmet general funding needs: $75,000 Annually

To support these costs we are constantly working to expand and diversify our funding base.

Are you ready to join us?

**DIBS for Kids is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the State of Nebraska.
We only solicit donations in Nebraska.**

Reach out to us to learn more about DIBS and how your critical donations can help drive our Mission ahead.

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