Helping Schools Bring Back the Book.

With games and other tech, kids aren't reading books as much as they should. DIBS can help your school fight back, and get your students to love reading again.

The Problem:

The problem we are working to solve is that in-home reading for children is not consistently happening in every home across Omaha. This is a problem because in-home reading is extremely valuable for elementary-aged students.

This is also a huge source of inequity for our students and makes teaching really tough. Some students already have "infinite" books at home; others only have the opportunity to read at school.

We’re on a Mission to change that. And we’re on a Mission to do so without adding anything to our teachers’ already full plates. Here’s how...

Our Solution:

DIBS for Kids stands for “Delivering Infinite Book Shelves for Kids”.

Our Mission is to support elementary school teachers in the Omaha area to ensure that every child is reading a book on their reading level, by themselves, every night, for fun. Over the last six years we’ve attempted to accomplish this Mission with 25, 75, 300, and now 450 families. And we’ve become convinced that it’s possible for Omaha as an entire city to accomplish our Mission of in-home reading, for every child, every night. But we’ve also learned that schools need a few critical levers of support...

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    Fundraising Support

    We’ve learned that elementary-aged students get excited about a program that makes it really easy for them to have access to high-quality books. And so do their parents. It might sound basic, but simply by getting books in kids’ hands each night a school can increase the amount of in-home reading their students benefit from. As a result, our first step when a school signs up for DIBS is to run a comprehensive fundraising campaign to get their families the books they need.

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    Teacher Support

    We’ve also learned that, even with books, there are significant challenges toward in-home reading happening in every school across Omaha. The most immediate challenge is that accomplishing this goal isn’t so easy for teachers who already have too much on their plate. The second thing we offer schools is that their teachers can’t be required to oversee the program - DIBS can be implemented on a school site without requiring additional work from the school’s teachers. Period.

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    Technology Support

    Last, we’ve learned that students want to have ways to follow-up on their reading. They want reports that tell their parents how they’re doing. They want to be asked questions on the book they read the night before. They want to be part of a book club where they get to share their current favorite book. Based on this learning we also support schools through a web platform that is designed to get kids really excited about their reading. The “What is DIBS?” video above gives you a little sense of how.

Our Vision

Combine these three pieces of support, to schools across the city, and we believe Omaha has the potential to become the nation’s first city where in-home reading is happening nearly every night, for nearly every child. We hope you’ll join us. Sign-up below to get involved and to keep in touch.

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