DIBS supports schools so every student has a great book to read, every night.

Why Does DIBS Exist?

61% of kids growing up in poverty don't have a single age-appropriate book in their home. Poverty-aside, 75% of parents wish their children would read more books for fun. Principals and teachers know this, but they are busy professionals. So they aren't scrambling to find solutions, DIBS supports these busy professionals to 1) Distribute more books to students and 2) Do so in a way that builds a love for in-home reading among their students. Here's how:

Fundraising Support

Many schools struggle to send leveled books home with students every night. DIBS provides schools with fundraising tools required to secure great, leveled, take-home books for each classroom.

DIBS Phone App

Once books are secured, our phone app allows schools to “unlock” their books via a barcode scan. Doing so creates a unique DIBS QR label for each book, the key to transforming their classroom into a book distribution hub.

DIBS Classroom Software

DIBS software turns classrooms into the distribution point for books – helping teachers send volumes of books home with students via a check-in/check-out process that students love.

Custom DIBS Support

From there, DIBS creates a custom support strategy for each school we serve – DIBS reports, administrative support, professional development, etc. – all aimed at helping students and families build a love for in-home reading.

Through these four pieces of support each DIBS student takes home an average of 90 books every school year. Watch a DIBS classroom in action here.

Our Schools

DIBS currently serves six schools, and approximately 1,000 students.

Fontenelle Elementary

Omaha, NE
Launched in 2011. Over 125,000 books sent home since 2011. 300 students served this year.

Adams Elementary

Omaha, NE
Launched in 2015. Over 30,000 books sent home since 2015. 175 students served this year.

Rose Hill Elementary

Omaha, NE
Launched in 2017. Over 9,000 books sent home since 2017. 140 students served this year.

Conestoga Magnet

Omaha, NE
Launched in 2017. Over 12,000 books projected to be sent home this year. 155 students served this year.

Minne Lusa Elementary

Omaha, NE
Launched in 2017. Over 15,000 books projected to be sent home this year. 215 students served this year.

Skinner Magnet Center

Omaha, NE
Launched in 2018. 240 students served. Projected to take home about 13,000 books this year.

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