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Supporting teachers to send a great book home with every student, every night.

Support a DIBS Project

  1. Help Strengthen DIBS Technology

    DIBS' software technology helps students build a love for in-home reading through a daily book check-out routine. Help us build the next features that will impact the early-reading experiences of our nearly 4,000 DIBS Kids.
    $24,000.00 donated of $40,000.00 goal
  2. Make a Classroom Level Donation

    We have ten classrooms within our existing schools that want DIBS. Help us raise the $12,000 needed to bring our “infinite” books to these 250 future DIBS Kids.
    $7,485.16 donated of $12,000.00 goal
  3. Make a School Level Donation

    We are fundraising to bring DIBS to five new schools in August of 2021. Help us raise the $75,000 needed to bring our “infinite” books to these 1,000 new DIBS Kids next school year.
    $39,681.39 donated of $75,000.00 goal

DIBS Stories

"Dear DIBS people. My name is Kevon. My favorite book is Who Would Win? Who Would Win is the best book. I love to read it to my mom. Thank you DIBS people. Your friend, Kevon."


(DIBS Student)
"Thank you DIBS. DIBS is awesome. You are inspiring. We like trying your book. I like to read and your books help. It helped us improve our reading. P.S. I love DIBS"


(DIBS student)
"This is the first year third grade was included and I couldn't have been more excited! The students did great with their books. I am so grateful my students were given the opportunity to bring home books, as I am not able to provide them. Thanks so much!"


Fontenelle (DIBS Teacher)
"I loved walking into classrooms in the mornings and seeing kids SO excited to get a new book! The amount of books each child was exposed to is a game changer! Thank you, DIBS!"

DIBS Teacher

Rose Hill