Delivering Infinite Book Shelves (DIBS) for Kids


Supporting teachers to send a great book home with every student, every night.

Support a DIBS Project

  1. Support a Student

    For just $40 (or $3.50 per month), you can give DIBS to one student!
    $60.00 donated of $1,000.00 goal
  2. Adopt a Classroom

    Every $1,985 supports a single classroom to adopt the DIBS program!
    $6,850.01 donated of $29,775.00 goal
  3. Adopt a School

    Help bring DIBS to more Omaha Public Schools!
    $39,000.00 donated of $30,000.00 goal
  4. Strengthen DIBS Technology

    It’s how we help teachers Deliver Infinite Book Shelves! Support the backbone of the DIBS program!
    $19,000.00 donated of $40,000.00 goal
  5. Deliver Infinite Book Shelves

    Help DIBS deliver infinite book shelves to schools in your community. Every dollar helps DIBS deliver books into the hands of children who need them most and educators who want DIBS the most!
    $6,396.91 donated of $100,000.00 goal

DIBS Stories

"Dear DIBS people. My name is Kevon. My favorite book is Who Would Win? Who Would Win is the best book. I love to read it to my mom. Thank you DIBS people. Your friend, Kevon."


(DIBS Student)
"Thank you DIBS. DIBS is awesome. You are inspiring. We like trying your book. I like to read and your books help. It helped us improve our reading. P.S. I love DIBS"


(DIBS student)
"This is the first year third grade was included and I couldn't have been more excited! The students did great with their books. I am so grateful my students were given the opportunity to bring home books, as I am not able to provide them. Thanks so much!"


Fontenelle (DIBS Teacher)
"I loved walking into classrooms in the mornings and seeing kids SO excited to get a new book! The amount of books each child was exposed to is a game changer! Thank you, DIBS!"

DIBS Teacher

Rose Hill

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