Delivering Infinite Book Shelves (DIBS) for Kids

Teacher Resources

Read what some of our most successful DIBS teachers say about keeping DIBS exciting and engaging!

Launching DIBS

Launch Day Checklist

Ready to launch DIBS in your class? Make sure everything is set up with this checklist!

  • I have completed DIBS training videos
  • I have a DIBS Helper
  • Computers are open to check-out page
  • Teacher dashboard is open on my computer
  • Launch video is ready for students to watch
  • I have a procedure for student check-out
  • Student folders have names on them
  • Students know their reading level
  • I have a spot for folders after check-out

Want a paper copy?

We have a printable version available!

DIBS Student Launch Video

Dewey DIBS here with an important message for all DIBS teachers! Show this video on your DIBS launch day or before to help get students acquainted with DIBS!

If the video above doesn’t load, please click the YouTube version below.

DIBS Parent Welcome Letter

Don’t see the language you need? Contact us and we will work to get the letter translated!

DIBS Classroom Pillars

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We have found that DIBS works best when teachers can do a combination of three things:

  1. Efficiently set-up DIBS and routine
  2. Check in with students about DIBS
  3. Embed DIBS in their classroom culture

Download the Classroom Pillars print out reminder for your class.

Sustaining DIBS

DIBS Technology Cheat Sheet

Need a refresher on how to check in or out? Can’t remember how to mark a student absent or a book lost? This 2-page printable cheat sheet can be hung by your desk or near your DIBS computers for quick reference when you need to use DIBS technology.

DIBS Student Jobs

Help Rotate Bins

When trade days come around, moving six bins full of books by yourself is quite a task! Choose three to six student helpers to swap your DIBS bins with the classroom you trade with.

Student Leaders

Choose a responsible student to turn on your computers and get them ready to go each day! Older students can even learn to use action buttons, like Mark Book Lost or Force Check-in for their peers.

DIBS Librarian

Books get well-loved. It’s the way of life. Your DIBS librarian makes sure highly-used or torn books are given to you. Every week or so, they also sort through DIBS books to make sure they are in the correct bins.

DIBS Reading Recorder

Want your students to have something that keeps them accountable? This reading recorder gives students a space to write the title of their DIBS book and parents a place to sign that their child read last night. 


At DIBS, we have found that talking with students about their DIBS books increases participation. If you would like to have a guided conversation about DIBS with your students, our DIBScussion guide gives you a place to record your students’ answers.

For more independent students, they can fill them out themselves.

Thank yous

Want to thank the DIBS team or your book donors? We made printable cards for you and your students! 

If you’re thanking your donors, contact DIBS for information on how to get in touch with them.

If you’re thanking DIBS, send your thank yous to:

105 N 31st Ave, Suite 215
Omaha, NE 68131

P.S. We will send your class a personal video response to your thank you cards!

Getting Kids Excited

Book Tracker

Some DIBS schools create a DIBS bulletin board and keep a book tracker for the whole school on it.

If you’re piloting a DIBS classroom, or you simply want to keep a log of all the books your students have read, use this 11″ x 17″ poster in your classroom!

If you don’t have wall space, try making this mason jar bead book tracker!

Create a book board

A classroom book board gives students a place to share the books they enjoyed! Give them sticky notes or little slips of paper to write or draw about their books then hang them up for classmates to see!

You can download our book slips with Dewey DIBS on them here.

Dewey's Book Club

Already have Dewey’s Book Club? Watch our instructions video here.

Dewey’s Book Club is a service we offer to teachers who want to get their students excited about DIBS.

We deliver 30 of the same DIBS book to your classroom. All your students take home that book on one night. We provide you with a classroom activity related to the book to help create a community of readers!

If you’re interested, please email us at

DIBS Journal pages

Use these three journal pages to keep your students engaged with their DIBS books!

DIBS Seasonal Activity pages

It’s right before break or a holiday and your kiddos have ants in their pants. They’re so excited for their day off or their holiday party, and you’re exhausted from planning!

These DIBS seasonal activities offer a quick and easy way to direct student attention and integrate DIBS into your classroom!

DIBS Teacher Training

DIBS Training Videos

Whether you need to refresh on DIBS best practices or train a new DIBS helper, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s all the videos you watched for training! Let us know if you need something specific not covered here!

Bookmark DIBS Devices

The best way to make sure DIBS runs smoothly in your class is to bookmark each DIBS device to your check-in or check-out page according to which they will be used for.

Use this PDF tutorial to walk step-by-step through the bookmarking process.