Teacher Resources

DIBS Teacher Training Videos

Below are all of the on-demand training videos. Feel free to reference them later if you need assistance in any of the areas, and let us know if you need something specific that is not covered here.

DIBS Student Training Videos

DIBS Student Launch Video

Use these videos on the day you launch DIBS in your classroom, as well as on the second day of DIBS to help get students acquainted with the process.

DIBS Best Practices from Teachers

Most Popular Tips from DIBS Teachers

Documents for DIBS Student Folders

DIBS Parent Welcome Letter

Don’t see the language you need? Contact us and we will work to get the letter translated!

DIBS Reading Recorder

This reading recorder gives students a space to write the title of their DIBS book and parents a place to sign that their child read last night. 



At DIBS, we have found that talking with students about their DIBS books increases participation. If you would like to have a guided conversation about DIBS with your students, our DIBScussion guide gives you a place to record your students’ answers.

For more independent students, they can fill them out themselves.

Thank yous

Want to thank the donors who brought DIBS to your classroom?

We made printable cards for you and your students! For more information about how to get in touch with your donors or where to send your thank you notes, email us at contact@dibsforkids.org

DIBS Journal pages

Use these three journal pages to keep your students engaged with their DIBS books!

DIBS Seasonal Activity pages

It’s right before break or a holiday and your kiddos have ants in their pants. They’re so excited for their day off or their holiday party, and you’re exhausted from planning!

These DIBS seasonal activities offer a quick and easy way to direct student attention and integrate DIBS into your classroom!