Not a Book Drive, a DIBS Drive: Turning the Page on Traditional Book Distribution

Not a Book Drive, a DIBS Drive: Turning the Page on Traditional Book Distribution

At DIBS for Kids, we are revolutionizing the way Omaha thinks about book drives. Communities across the nation often conduct book drives in an attempt to breathe new life into the books stowed away in attic boxes or that are sitting on children's bookshelves, outgrown by their readers. It’s not a book drive. Our vision for this DIBS Drive (and future ones) is that the community can band together to raise money for individual classrooms looking to implement the DIBS program.

3 Benefits of Reading Aloud to Infants and Toddlers

3 Benefits of Reading Aloud to Infants and Toddlers

As a child, my favorite part during the school day was story time. My teachers would be so into the book it felt like our class was apart of it! As an adult and previous daycare teacher, I loved reading to my classes- infants to toddlers. The touch and feel books are my favorite for infants. I loved seeing their reaction to the feeling of the different materials.

Dewey’s Book Club and Community Reading

Here at DIBS for Kids we love finding new and exciting ways to deliver books to students. One of the things we support teachers to do is create classroom culture around reading with the hope that the love of reading will transfer to the home. Enter: Dewey’s Book Club.

The Power of Choice and Home-Run Books

Allowing children to make their own decisions fosters a passion that just isn't attainable through mandated reading. At DIBS for Kids, we value the power of choice and we strive to provide "home-run books" for all our students. Home-run books are the books that kids want to read over and over again. This idea of high-interest books stems from one DIBS student.

What are our DIBS Kids reading? Top 31 DIBS Books!

Woo! It’s DIBS’ favorite month! No, not October. National Book Month! Enjoy this countdown of our most popular books! One...

The Secret to Better Writing

The first time I met Dr. Phoebe Stubblefield, she began our conversation with, "I see so many awful writers in college." Not the most eloquent way to begin a conversation, but I figured there was a point to her claim. I just watched her. Hoping she would continue with her thought. She did. "Do you know why?"

DIBS for Kids: Bringing Back the Book

School is back in session and I can hear my childrens’ teachers asking them what they read over the summer....