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Not a Book Drive, a DIBS Drive: Turning the Page on Traditional Book Distribution

Not a Book Drive, a DIBS Drive: Turning the Page on Traditional Book Distribution

At DIBS for Kids, we are revolutionizing the way Omaha thinks about book drives. Communities across the nation often conduct book drives in an attempt to breathe new life into the books stowed away in attic boxes or that are sitting on children's bookshelves, outgrown by their readers. It’s not a book drive. Our vision for this DIBS Drive (and future ones) is that the community can band together to raise money for individual classrooms looking to implement the DIBS program.

A soccer ball and a book: How we think about kids’ relationship with reading

Hi there, I’m Gina. As an Omaha professional, mother, and dedicated volunteer to literacy efforts, I’ve spent the past several years championing literacy through the Literacy Center, which is focused on building literacy skills for adults. I recently started working with DIBS, so you’ll be hearing more from me later on.

A vitamin vs. a pain pill: Why do we wait for kids to fall behind?

In the late 1800s, Joseph Malins, an English activist, wrote a poem about a cliff, a fence and an ambulance. The gist: There's a cliff that's very pleasant to walk on, so many people in the town nearby venture close to its edge. Some slip and fall into the valley below, and the town decides something has to be done.

The Book Mirage: An illusion of endless reading opportunities for kids

Picture two 1st grade students. Their classroom is filled with books that line several different book shelves, which they will...

We are DIBS for Kids

The Hopefuls of Public Education in Omaha We aren’t defiant, we just aren’t convinced. We don’t have charter schools and...