3 Ways to Make Reading Fun & Easy During the Holidays

There are so many different books out there to pique the pickiest reader’s interest, but the most successful way to enjoy reading of any kind, especially during the holidays, is to make it about family and tradition.

Families that read together, stay together.


Make reading a family affair, especially during the holiday season. Many children forget the true meaning of the holidays, which is giving the gift of love. Pick out a book together, take turns reading, discuss your favorite parts and finish by holding a celebration.  

Make it a tradition.


There are so many traditions associated with the holidays, so why not make reading one of them? Countdown your holiday with reading a festive favorite every night before bed or read together with a cup of hot chocolate and cozy up with a warm blanket during those cold winter nights. Creating memories that will last a lifetime is the best gift of all.

Go on an adventure.


During the holidays there can be lots of traveling from one get-together to another, but have no fear. You can help prevent car rides from becoming boring by spicing things up a bit. Listen to an audio book together or practice reading by finding letters and words on signs and license plates. Reading doesn’t have to be stationary – take it with you wherever you go!

Here are some additional activities that are fun, but also help students work on their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills:

  • Sing your favorite holiday songs together
  • Read a book, watch the movie version, then compare the two
  • Write holiday cards to family members and friends
  • Cook a meal together and read the ingredients in the recipe
  • Keep a winter break journal and write in it each day
  • Ask and answer riddles (good activity if you’re traveling)


My name is Ashley Ring –  I’m an avid reader and flourishing writer. My love for the written word came at a young age, and has only blossomed into a passionate career. Teaching the youth about literacy and it’s importance, is something I strive to accomplish each and every day.

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