Delivering Infinite Book Shelves (DIBS) for Kids


Welcome to the DIBS for Kids Press Kit! Here you will find concise information about DIBS, our logos, photos and videos available for use, and links to other important information. 

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About DIBS for Kids

Delivering Infinite Book Shelves (DIBS) for Kids is a technology-based literacy nonprofit that helps teachers address the fact that too many kids leave school every day without a book to read at home. DIBS supports schools to address this problem in two ways: (1) helping to fundraise for little classroom-based libraries filled with leveled take-home books, and (2) developing a QR-code based inventory technology that is fun for students and easy for teachers. Since 2011, DIBS has sent home over 350,000 books within ten of Omaha’s highest-poverty schools. DIBS is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska with school pilots in Kansas City, MO and Kentwood, MI. 


To see the MOST up-to-date number of books DIBS has sent home, visit Look for the number of books in the header of the sign-in page.

For details on projects, impact, and future plans, see our interactive annual report or download a PDF version here.

Photos and Video

DIBS Teacher, Sadie Sidzyck, meet with Marie Kovar, DIBS School Support Director.


A student browses the DIBS library for the book she will read tonight.


A student checks out their DIBS book using DIBS technology.


Students check in, choose, and check out their DIBS books to read that night.


DIBS Founder and Executive Director, David Orrick, shares stories about DIBS students who choose reading over technology or read their books to their pets.

Watch on YouTube

DIBS Teacher explains how exposing children to a variety of texts opens their minds to new topics and ideas.

Watch on YouTube